Policy control is a key functionality for many corporations to ensure that travel cost is kept within the defined rules. The solution has an integrated advanced policy control system for air, car, hotel and rail enabling the user to either omit availability results, set them in policy, out of policy and further reason codes for eventually selecting out of policy if allowed.

Policy Administration

The setup and administration of customer policies in a corporate solution has historically been a very time consuming task. The policy setup in TripRacer is very intuitive and policies made can be reused partly or entirely for multiplie customers. The below is an example of the setup of a simple air policy:


There are a great number of parameters which can be used in creating the policy rules herunder are listed some related to air policy:

  • ArrivalCode
  • ArrivalCountryCode
  • ArrivalDate
  • ArrivalRegions
  • BookingClass
  • CabinClass
  • Carrier
  • Class
  • CountryCode
  • CountryCodes
  • CustomerRecordLocator
  • DaysToDeparture
  • DepartureArrivalCodes
  • DepartureCode
  • DepartureCountryCode
  • DepartureDate
  • DepartureRegions
  • Distance
  • Domestic
  • Duration
  • DurationPercentAboveLowest
  • ElectronicTicketing
  • Farebasis
  • FlightNo
  • IsGuest
  • IsReturn
  • JobTitle
  • Legs
  • LowFare
  • Negotiated
  • PaxType
  • ProviderCode
  • Refundable
  • Stops
  • Title
  • TotalPrice
  • TotalPricePercentAboveLowest
  • TotalPricePercentAboveLowestOnFlight
  • TravellerRecordLocator
  • WaitTime
  • Etc.

Policy Application

A policy master setup can be applied to one or more customers and can contain a policy setup for air, car, hotel, rail etc. The below screen is showing how a simple air policy is enforced: